Victorian Bedroom Furniture

People have a certain visual in mind when they think of Victorian furniture but there was no dominant style during the period known as “Victorian”. Styles were taken from different time periods such as Gothic, Tudor, and others. However, the most common styles during this time of history were the Gothic and Rococo revival styles.

Some people who think they are “in the know” claim that Victorian-style decorating is out of fashion. But, according to new information, the styles from the 19th century are making a strong comeback.

During 2017, the number one home decor internet search used the keyword “Victorian styles”. Current global sales of Victorian furniture have surpassed mid-century modern as a fast-growing trend. Interior designers publish style tips on how to blend modern styles and Victorian elements together.

A Typical Victorian Bedroom

People enjoy combining the looks of modern pieces with the ornate and luxurious pieces from the Victorian era. Other folks prefer converting their homes to resemble homes from the turn of the century. Simple changes such as installing crown moldings, switching to vintage plumbing and lighting fixtures, wallpaper, and of course Victorian furniture, any room can be transformed back to a different time.

Victorian-era furniture is now one of the most popular styles of furniture in the United States. Victorian décor has seen a huge resurgence in the last few years among designers and homeowners who have grown tired of the bland minimalism and the plainness of mid-century style furniture. This popular style of furniture in living rooms, bedrooms, and dining rooms continues to grow even during the pandemic era as people continue to enhance their surroundings with comfortable furnishings.

Victorian Bedrooms in Modern Times

The Victorian era lasted only 64 years (from 1837-1901), during the time of Queen Victoria’s rule in England. Still, since this short time, the beauty, comfort, and workmanship, fortunately, has remained with us and you can purchase any number of items to grace your home from this website. For instance, if you care to make your bedroom a place where you can dream in comfort, visit our selections at Victorian Bedrooms or Victorian Exclusive Bedrooms.

We have 33 different bedroom styles, reasonably priced and ready to ship. Most sets include king-sized beds, night tables, mirrors, and chest of drawers, and other additional items.

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