Victorian Iride Tufted

Victorian Iride Tufted

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  • Art.712    Double bed with HB padded panel.
  • Art.723   1Night Table

also king or queen-size bed

Measure (inch):

  • Bed (24.41fbx55.12hbx76.38wx9185.06d)inch
  • Frame Mirror (60.23×49.60w)inch
  • Chest of 3 drawers. (33.46hx57.08wx22.05d)inch
  • Night Table (60hx67wx40d)cm (23.62hx26.38wx15.75)inch

Measure (cm):

  • Bed (62fbx140hbx194wx216d)cm
  • Frame mirror (153hx126w)cm
  • Chest of 3 Drawers (85hx145wx56d)cm Separate Items:
    • Art.700 4 doors Wardrobe.
    • Art.710 6 doors Wardrobe, with 3 external drawers.
    • Art.723 Night table
    • Art. 715 Frame with mirror
    • Art. 716 Chest of 2 drawers
    • Art.725 Frame with mirror
    • Art.727 Dressing table with 2 doors.
    • Art.708 Arm chair.
    • Art.599 Chaise lounge with left hand arm
    • Art.598 Chaise lounge with right hand arm
    • Art.725/M Frame with mirror
    • Art.726 Chest of 3 drawers


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