Victorian Bedroom Iride

Victorian Bedroom Iride

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  • Art.711/4 King or Queen Bed wooden Panel
  • Art.713  2Night Table wooden surface w/crystal top

Additional Items

  • Art. 715 Frame with mirror
  • Art. 716 Chest of 2 drawers wooden surface w/crystal top
  • Art.714 Frame with mirror
  • Art.717 Dressing table with 4 drawers wooden surface with crystal top
  • Art.708 Arm chair
  • Art.599 Chaise lounge with left hand arm
  • Art.598 Chaise lounge with right hand arm
  • Art.700 4 doors Wardrobe
  • Art.710 6 doors Wardrobe, with 3 external drawers
  • Art.716 Chest of 2 drawers wooden surface w/crystal top
  • Art.715  Frame with mirror


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