Victorian Bedroom 316G


Victorian Bed Group 316

King or Queen Headboard
King or Queen Footboard
2 Nightstand with cultured marble top
Dresser with cultured marble top & Mirror

King Headboard (89″”W x 5″”D x 70″”H)
King Footboard (85″”W x 7″”D x 30″”H)
Queen Headboard (78″”W x 5″”D x 67″”H)
Queen Footboard (69″”W x 7″”D x 29″”H)
Nightstand (41″”W x 21″”D x 25″”H)
Dresser (74″”W x 24″”D x 30″”H)
Mirror (52″”W x 4″”D x 56″”H)
Armoire (57″”W x 33″”D x 84″”H)

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